PAW Media and Communications

PAW Media and Communications is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation based at Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. Established in 1983 as Warlpiri Media Association it took on the trading name PAW Media and Communications in 2006 to reflect its services to other language groups (Pintupi, Anmatyerr, Warlpiri) in the Tanami region.

PAW Media has a strong history of video production, with perhaps its most well-known production being Bush Mechanics also coproduced with Rebel Films. PAW Media established the first of the Aboriginal community TV stations in Australia in 1985.

PAW Media aims to produce films and video that are guided by local cultural protocols, and that support language and culture maintenance. It has a strong role in advocating for indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights.

In addition to film and video production, PAW Media manages a radio network over 14 communities as well as a semi-professional radio studio at Yuendumu.

For more information see the PAW Media website.

Rebel Films

Born from a union of remote bush experience and the edgy world of film and entertainment Rebel Films has emerged as a key player in the Australian television industry. Established in 1998 by writer/director David Batty and producer Jeni McMahon, Rebel Films produces innovative television for audiences throughout Australia and the international arena.

Rebel Films’ mission is to deliver fresh, energetic and entertaining documentaries that celebrate the human spirit. With shameless enthusiasm and a warm sense of humour this irrepressible production team brings to the screen stories and characters that surprise, inspire and continually delight. This is keen spirit, raw and off the edge filmmaking at its best.

After seven years based in Broome, Rebel Films are now based in Melbourne and have established a position in the industry as an innovative, resourceful and efficient company producing high quality, sought after broadcast content.

For more information see the Rebel Films website.

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