In 1928, following the murder of a white dingo trapper, Central Australia would witness the last known massacre of it's indigenous people. With over one hundred killed during a series of punitive expeditions, now known as the Coniston Massacre, many lived to tell of the wholesale slaughter of innocent people.

For the first time those who survived this bloody episode get to tell their side of the story in this new documentary on the Coniston Massacre co-produced by PAW Media and Rebel Films.

The story can finally be told

Warning : This website contains the voices and images of deceased Aboriginal persons. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers should exercise care in viewing and listening to the content.


Coniston Behind the Scenes : Emu

16 May 2013

One of the PAW Media staff members picked up Henry Jakamarra ... CONTINUED »

Coniston Behind the Scenes: Setting up a Scene

16 May 2013

Coniston's actors for the dramatised parts of the documentary ... CONTINUED »

Coniston Behind the Scenes : On The Road

16 May 2013

Making Coniston meant traveling hundreds and hundreds of ... CONTINUED »

Coniston Behind The Scenes : Jarra Jarra

16 May 2013

The crew make it to Jarra Jarra, one of the sites of the ... CONTINUED »

Coniston Behind the Scenes : Fire Ahead

16 May 2013

Filming of Coniston took place in extreme temperatures in the ... CONTINUED »

Coniston trailer

03 October 2012

In 1928, following the murder of a white dingo trapper, Central ... CONTINUED »

Bullfrog animation

16 August 2012

Harry Japangardi Jones sings his own song about Bullfrog. ... CONTINUED »

Coniston Massacre by Lander River Band

15 June 2012

The Lander River Band from Wirliyatjarrayi (Willowra) perform ... CONTINUED »

Coniston by Anmatyerr Highway Band from Laramba

09 May 2011

Singer Barry Nelson Jupurrurla
Drummer Darren ... CONTINUED »

Nguru Kurlu by Lander River Band of Willowra

09 May 2011

The song refers to the Coniston Massacre of 1928 that occurred ... CONTINUED »

Coniston Trouble

10 March 2011

Darby Jampijinpa Ross talks about the Coniston Massacre of 1928. CONTINUED »

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